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The Key to Weight Loss Is to Move

If you have done everything in Part 1 and Part 2, chances are that you are already at your target weight and have more energy! Fantastic! The question then becomes what to do with all this extra energy? And the answer is, you do what your body was designed to do, MOVE!

By making the internal adjustments first you have laid and foundation and paved the way towards extraordinary gains in strength, movement, and endurance. You will see that although it will be slow going at first, in five to six months’ time you will be light years ahead!

There are really two main ways to go about physical training. You can either take the DIY (do it yourself) approach, or you can go to a class or personal trainer.

Personal Training Recommendations

If you are inclined to go to a personal trainer my recommendations are:
In Oak Park:

Ross Oberlin at https://www.rc-fit.com/ located at 248 Madison St. in Oak Park.

I worked with this trainer personally and spoken with him extensively about his distinct approaches to fitness and how he brings people along in their journeys. He is very effective and brings his unique perspectives and styles.

DIY Approach Recommendations

For those who would like to take the DIY approach my recommendations for resources:

Power to the People by Pavel Tsatsouline
This book makes exercising for increase strength gains simple. Pavel’s direct manner and simple style and approach makes becoming extremely strong very attainable within a very reasonable budget. Easy to follow instructions and his outlined approach make this very safe and effective for becoming strong without bulking up.

For more structure in the privacy of your own home, please visit https://www.gymnasticbodies.com. Coach Sommer has put together courses designed for adults with no experience to begin and flourish. I suggest beginning with the fundamentals course.

Just a gentle reminder that it’s your job to make sure that you don’t do too little or too much. The work you put in is only good if you can recover from it. But if the work is too easy, then no gains will come either.

The advantage of the DIY approach is that it’s less expensive. The disadvantage is that you are left to track what you are doing, track how you are feeling that day, figuring out how much you can push yourself safely, and then executing the plan.

No matter which path you choose, my advice is not to look for the best method. But rather, gravitate towards the one that makes you most satisfied, content, and fulfilled. Often, you will find you begin in one type of training and then move to another. And that’s OK!

You will begin to understand your body and how it moves, it’s inherent strengths and weaknesses, and you go from there. I wish you good luck in your movement journey. Thanks and bye for now.

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Nick Arestopoulos Acupuncture Oak Park

About the Author
Nick Arestopoulos is  a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist and co-owns Palmgren Acupuncture in Oak Park, Illinois. He holds a black belt in karate and a blue belt in jiu jitsu. When he’s not busy helping people lose weight, he enjoys practicing karate and jiu jitsu. Nick loves encouraging people to grow and improve wherever he goes. You can find Nick on LinkedIn.

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