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Working with Your Body’s Essential Wisdom

You are more than just your symptoms. That is why we take the time to get to know you. We ask you questions and look for the underlying cause of your health concern. We treat the whole body and go to the heart of the matter so you can get back to your old self and do the things you love again.


Oak Park Acupuncture Palmgren

Acupuncture involves the insertion of a pre-sterilized, one-time-use acupuncture needle into a particular area of the body to promote healing. Acupuncture needles are very thin - as wide as 1-2 strands of hair. In fact, 100 acupuncture needles can fit inside of one doctor’s needle.

Acupuncture is an integrative medicine that addresses current health issues and prevents future ones from occurring. It is practiced all over the world and has been endorsed by the World Health Organization, the National Institutes of Health and the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

At Palmgren Acupuncture, we draw on years of study and experience to put the proven principles of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to work for you. Here are the health concerns we treat with acupuncture. Got questions about acupuncture? Check out our FAQs page or email us here.

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“Being a patient of Lynn’s has been so life changing for me. Lynn and acupuncture have been instrumental in addressing carpal tunnel syndrome I had in my finger and wrist. She’s been a tremendous resource - never preachy, simply helpful and pleasant!”

Bernadette S., Alsip, IL

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Chinese Herbs

chinese-herbsChinese herbs have been used for thousands of years in conjunction with acupuncture. They offer a gentle way to heal the body outside of the treatment room. Chinese herbs include flowers, roots, barks, fruits, seeds, nuts, and stems. They are safe, natural, and effective when used under the supervision of our Board-Certified Chinese herbalists on staff.

Our on-site Chinese herbal dispensary is the only one of its kind in the Oak Park area. We use only the highest-quality Chinese herbs in powdered (granular form). We can customize Chinese herbs and blend them to fit your specific needs and address your health concerns so you feel better faster.

The brand of Chinese herbs in our dispensary is Sun Ten Pharmaceutical, which has over 70 years of experience in the herbal industry. Sun Ten’s Chinese herbs are manufactured according to the superior standards of Good Manufacturing Practice, which the FDA strictly enforces with Chinese herbs. They are rigorously tested internally and by an independent third party.

With all patients, we perform a drug-herb interaction check to ensure no side effects or interactions occur between Chinese herbs and the medications and supplements you are taking. Got questions about Chinese herbs? Visit our herb FAQs here. Have a question for our Board-Certified Chinese herbalists? Contact them here.

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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation focuses on the revitalization of your face and neck with the help of acupuncture. It has helped people improve the quality and appearance of their skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and prevent future wrinkles. Facial Rejuvenation has been practiced for thousands of years in China. It offers a safe and natural way to improve your appearance without surgery, medications, injections, implants, or downtime.

“I have never tried acupuncture, but was very intrigued by facial rejuvenation. Lynn’s calming presence and healing touch made the experience feel like a spa treatment! I was surprised at how quickly my friends and coworkers started commenting on my “rested” and “more youthful” appearance. I am delighted with the results of facial rejuvenation and highly recommend Palmgren Acupuncture.”

Jean T., River Forest, IL

Palmgren Acupucture - Before Facial Rejuvenation

Before Facial Rejuvenation

Palmgren Acupuncture - After 10 Sessions of Facial Rejuvenation

After 10 Sessions of Facial Rejuvenation

Palmgren Acupuncture - Before Facial Rejuvenation

Before Facial Rejuvenation

Palmgren Acupuncture - After 10 Sessions of Facial Rejuvenation

After 10 Sessions of Facial Rejuvenation

Disclaimer: These photos have not been re-touched or altered in any way. Results may vary. Prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.

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Benefits of Facial and Neck Rejuvenation

Younger-looking skin
Smoother skin
Firmer skin
Tighter skin
Brighter complexion
Less sagging jaw line and neck

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“After my first facial rejuve treatment, my face looked brighter. My eyes were more open and less puffy. I was quite pleased with the results even before I left their office. The area under my chin felt and looked tighter and more youthful. I enjoyed a wedding I attended later that week all the more because I really felt like I was putting my best face forward!”

Leah P., Chicago, IL


Cupping is a therapeutic technique has been used for thousands of years and is currently practiced all over the world. It improves circulation to the muscles and is most often used to relax tight or tense muscles and alleviate pain. However, it can be used for a  number of health concerns such as seasonal allergies, common cold, nausea, and insomnia, to name a few.

Cupping involves placing special cups (glass or plastic) on the skin and suctioning the air from inside the cups. It helps your body get rid of lactic acid and toxins that are lingering below the surface. Oftentimes, a pink or red mark will result – not from bruising, but instead, as a sign that lactic acid and toxins have been released. The mark typically lasts for 1-3 days but for some people may last for a week or longer.

Benefits of cupping can include increased circulation, reduced pain, increased sense of wellbeing, relaxed muscles, improved breathing, and reduced stress. Learn more about cupping by contacting us.

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Gua Sha

Gua Sha (pronounced gwa-shaw) is a therapeutic technique used throughout Asia and the rest of the world. Like cupping, it is also used to release muscle tension and tightness as well as pain.

Gua Sha involves moving a special flat tool against the skin to help bring up sha (or in other words, stagnation) to the skin’s surface. Like cupping, it may immediately loosen and relax muscles. Although it is most commonly used for treating muscle pain, it can also help address various health concerns such as common cold, digestive concerns, arthritis, fever and much more.

Often a pink or red mark is left on the skin after Gua Sha. Like cupping marks, it is not a bruise but simply the stagnation/toxins/lactic acid rising to the surface. The marks typically go away after 1-3 days or for some up to a week or longer depending on circulation.

Gua Sha offers a pain-free way to help you feel better and more relaxed. Want to learn more? Contact us here.

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Massage is a type of therapy that involves applying pressure, manipulating, pressing, rubbing, and stretching muscles and other soft tissues. Many types of massage exist around the world. The type of massage we offer at Palmgren Acupuncture is a combined therapy including deep tissue, Swedish massage, Tui Na (Chinese massage), shiatsu, and circulatory. Our massage therapist assesses clients before working with them to see which type of massage best addresses their concerns.

Massage has helped people with chronic pains of the neck, back, shoulder, hips, arms and legs. It has also been beneficial for people experiencing headaches and migraines. Because our minds and bodies are connected, massage has worked to help clients with emotional concerns such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Our massage therapist approaches clients from a holistic perspective and helps them achieve their health goals. To that end, she works with clients to design a treatment plan that is right for them. Want to learn more? Check out our Massage FAQs here.

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