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Helping You Live Your Best Life

At Palmgren Acupuncture we specialize in helping people manage pain, reduce stress, and lose weight so they can live a healthier, happier life. We listen closely to the patient because patients know their bodies and their issues better than anyone. Then we formulate a course of treatment specific to that patient and their needs, drawing on our expert knowledge of acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and massage.

Now is the time to try something new. Learn how our drug-free holistic approach can help you here.

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“Highly Recommend Scheduling an Appointment with Nick”

Nick and Lynn are great practitioners. I saw Lynn once but have been mainly meeting Nick for multiple injuries that I had and he’s been really great. Not only does he know how to treat injuries, he has a wealth of knowledge on how to take care of yourself to prevent further injuries and has an answer to any question I had about stretching or working out. If you’re an active person who plays sports or works out, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Nick! 

- Chris P., Google Reviews

Compassionate Care Meets Convenience

At Palmgren Acupuncture it’s your turn to talk. The sources of pain can often be elusive, so we listen to you and ask questions to understand the specific nature of your concerns. This diagnostic process allows us to design an individualized plan. Then, during the course of treatment, we track your progress to ensure you are getting results. We want you to feel better than ever, and as quickly as possible.

We are conveniently located in downtown Oak Park and open 6 days a week (including evening hours). Scheduling a massage or acupuncture session is easy with online booking 24/7. We’re proud to be home of the only powdered Chinese herbal dispensary in the area. Our Chinese herb formulas are designed individually for patients and mixed on site. We’re also one of the few acupuncture clinics in the area to offer orthopedic needling and motor point needling - which resets tight, tense muscles quickly - for sports injury and chronic pain.

Ready To Make A Change?

“Lynn Is Truly a Healer.”

Since starting treatment with her 9 months ago for chronic pain, I have been able to reduce each of the two pain medications- one by half, one by two thirds. Since each of them have side effects, this is very significant to me! She has advised me on vitamins, Chinese herbs, salves, and even foods to eat that all have reduced my daily pain and side effects from my health issues. Lynn is so thorough, and her calm, patient, and positive attitude in our appointments is so appreciated. I’ve felt so confident about her skill that my daughter and husband now go to Palmgren Acupuncture too. 

-Kris, Oak Park, IL

Your Questions Answered.

Your Questions Answered

How does acupuncture work? Is it safe? How many treatments will you need? Find answers here.

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What health challenges can we help you overcome? See the conditions we treat.


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