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Cinnamon. A fall main stay. What would your chai, pumpkin pie, or oatmeal be like without it? Pretty lonely. No doubt you won’t be shocked when you hear that cinnamon is a Chinese herb. One of the most popular Chinese herbs worldwide, cinnamon twig (aka gui zhi in Pinyin) is a powerhouse and here’s why:

Cinnamon works by:

  • Boosting your immune system against bacteria and viruses
  • Helping with digestion (especially of cold, raw foods)
  • Promoting circulation
  • Warming you up
  • Calming your heart
  • Relaxing your muscles

Because it’s a food, cinnamon is gentle on your digestion. Now you can fully appreciate the wonders of this delicious herb the next time you eat it. Enjoy!

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Source: Bensky, Dan et al. Materia Medica 2nd Ed.

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