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In Chinese medicine we each have about 400 acupuncture points on our bodies. Each of these points deals with different ailments from arthritis to nightmares to fatigue. Each point has its own personality and can do different actions. Out of the 400 points on our bodies, my personal favorite is a point called Stomach 36. In Chinese, the name of the point is Zu San Li in Pinyin. Translation: Leg Three Mile. Named so, because according to legend, you can press on this point and you’ll be able to walk or run three more miles. Pretty neat, right?

Stomach 36 is one of the most powerful points on your body. It helps strengthen qi and blood, gets rid of damp, strengthens your digestion (spleen and stomach), strengthens the body, relaxes you spiritually, and relieves pain.

It is located on the lower leg, about one-hand breadth below the patella and one-finger breadth lateral of the anterior crest of tibia. You can stimulate this point yourself using acupressure. It is a fantastic point if you feel fatigued, have any gastrointestinal concerns, or pain anywhere in your body.

A perfect addition to your pre- and post-workout stretch. I recommend to patients to press lightly (5 lbs. pressure) on this point for about 5 seconds the first thing in the morning. Try it and see for yourself!

Source: Deadman, Peter et al. Acupuncture: 2nd Edition.

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