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The cold has set in and Mother Nature isn’t letting up…at least for a few more days. With these falling temperatures, your body heat isn’t getting any warmer. Here’s how you can warm up quickly using tricks from East Asian Medicine:

1. Wear a hat at all times (even indoors). They’re not just for the barista/hipster types. You can lose heat very quickly when your head’s uncovered. Did you know that nine acupuncture channels go to the head? Leaving this area uncovered (and acupuncture channels exposed), leaves you more susceptible for getting sick. This way you’re killing two birds with one stone: you make a fashion statement and stay warm. Now, that’s a win win.

2. Drink ginger tea with black pepper or cinnamon tea. These powerhouse Chinese herbs are fantastic at warming the body through and through. They also boost the immune system, stop cough, alleviate seasonal allergies and taste great. They’re pretty amazing. 6 more reasons to eat cinnamon everyday

3. Cover your waist and low back. Leaving these areas open (that is, by not tucking your shirt in) also make you more susceptible to the cold and getting sick. In Japan, men, women and children wear an extra piece of cloth called a haramaki around their abdomens to protect their health. Although they are new to the western world, haramakis have been worn for centuries in the East. If you don’t feel like purchasing one, you can do what I do: wrap a scarf around your waist. It’s surprising how warm you’ll feel.

We recommend implementing all three at once to heat up quickly. What do you do to warm quickly? Please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear what you think.

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