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It seems like eggs are in the news every other week. Research studies on eggs tend to contradict each other, making it even more confusing to choose.

This article looks at eggs from the perspective of Chinese medicine to show a different side of this popular breakfast food.

Did you know that eggs are Chinese herbs?

It’s true! The egg yolk is actually the part that’s an herb. In pinyin, egg yolk is ji zi huang. From a Chinese medicine perspective, it is sweet in taste and balanced. Not only does it help resolve heat, it also moisturizes and nourishes.

For some, egg yolk can be too rich which can cause nausea after eating. To counteract this, try drinking a cup of ginger tea with your meal.

Eggs in general, due to their moisturizing properties, are damp. If you tend to have nasal congestion, ear congestion, a heavy feeling in the limbs and/or edema, you may tend towards dampness, which means eggs would not be your best choice. Instead, try an egg substitute or bean recipes like this one.

How many eggs are okay?

That depends on your constitution. If you do not tend towards dampness, eating an egg a day should be okay. We always recommend to our patients having vegetables with eggs to help balance the meal. Another option, of course, is eating only egg whites, which is still a great source of protein. No matter what you choose in the end, enjoy it!

To learn more about the comeback of the egg, check out this Harvard article on eggs and heart disease.

Source: Scheid, Volker, et. al, Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies, 2nd Ed.

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