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As gusty winds push us into colder weather, it’s challenging for our bodies to adjust. The fluctuating temperatures leave us susceptible to getting sick.

A simple way to protect yourself during changes of season is to wear a scarf. It not only keeps you warm and stylish looking, it also protects you from wind entering your body.

You might ask, “What’s wrong with a little wind?” From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, wind can make you sick. This occurs when your pores are open and it gets into your body where it does not belong.

Many acupuncture points located on and around the neck are vulnerable to wind, making it all the more important to keep it covered. Wind can cause common cold, flu, and seasonal allergy symptoms, to name a few. You know the ones, wishing you had invested in Kleenex when you had had the chance.

If you’re getting sick, here are some things you can do to help:

Eat some miso soup immediately. Miso soup actually has two Chinese herbs in it: soybean and green onion, which are great for when you’re on the verge of getting sick.

Get a massage. A gentle massage around your neck, shoulders, and upper back is great for promoting circulation and moving wind out.

Rest. Your body might be telling you to slow down. Heed its call and allow yourself time to recover.

Visit your acupuncturist. Acupuncture works wonders for when you’re getting sick. If you don’t want needles, cupping and gua sha can help, too. Your acupuncturist can also recommend Chinese herbs specially customized to treat your symptoms.

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