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As we head into late summer in all of its humid glory, I continue my quest for cooling foods. This article is the second installment in a 3-part series. Without further ado, here are three foods that will help you beat the heat (and humidity, too)!

Cucumbers. You’ve heard the saying, “Cool as a cucumber.” It’s 100% true! A great way to enjoy the cooling effects of the cucumber is to place a couple of slices in your water or club soda (as you may have already experienced at your favorite brunch spot).

As you know, Chinese medicine encourages cooking vegetables to help you digest them and increase your nutrient absorption. This food is an exception to that rule. I recommend eating them at room temperature. (Trust me, cooked cucumbers are a very acquired taste!)

Watermelon. This food is a no-brainer choice for hot weather. Its cooling and sweet nature and super thirst-quenching powers make this fruit a summer standard. Plus, it’s a Chinese herb, too!

Beans. Take your pick: chick, black, great northern white, aduki, mung, navy, and on and on. They are all cooling and help you get rid of dampness. Also, an excellent source of protein and fiber.

When it’s too hot to cook, a bean dish can be whipped up in a flash without turning your kitchen into an inferno.

Try one or more of these foods to help you cool down naturally. In fact, these foods would make a well-rounded meal on a hot summer day. Thanks for reading the second installment of this series. See you soon for the third and final article!

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