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Happy National Hat Day! Are you celebrating this national holiday with the proper attire? We hope so! Hats have been a fashion statement in our history for centuries. It wasn’t until a young president named John F. Kennedy was elected that made a hatless head a new trend. You may have noticed in the past ten years or so a large resurgence of the hat. On TV (e.g., Mad Men), on the big screen (e.g., “The Adjustment Bureau”) , and now walking down your street, you’ll notice hats are everywhere! As a Chinese medicine practitioner, I’m pleased to see this trend come back. There’s more to hats than looking dang good. Here’s how wearing hats can help keep you healthy:

Benefits of Hats

The main benefit of covering your head is to protect it from the cold. The cold constricts blood vessels and also inhibits your immune system. Due to this lack of warmth, you are more likely to come down with a cold or, even worse, the flu.

Another benefit, often overlooked, is improved posture when wearing the proper hat. We live in an age of computers and smart phones which means we’re hunched over more often with our heads down. Over time this posture can cause neck pain and tension, slumped shoulders, and eventually all types of back pain. Believe me you want to nip poor posture in the bud before it’s too late!

Finding the Perfect Hat

When purchasing a new hat, always go for quality over quantity. A well-designed and -constructed hat will last a lifetime and beyond and overtime will cost less than a lower quality hat. When choosing a hat, I always recommend going to a haberdasher shop (aka hat shop) and getting properly fitted. You don’t want it to be too loose or too tight. A haberdasher can help you find the right style and shape for your head size and face shape. Don’t be afraid to try on many hats. You’ll be surprised with what you find.

My affinity toward hats began about two years ago. My office is also located two doors down from a fantastic hat/headwear store, HooDoo Headwear. This is a little dangerous. The hats I’ve purchased there have been top quality and fit just like a glove.

The next time it’s a little cold outside, consider wearing a hat. You’ll be glad you did when everyone around you is getting sick except you! A hat tip to you and enjoy.

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