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Thanksgiving is a great time of year to acknowledge all that we’re thankful for. Yet, when was the last time you were thankful for yourself? We work day in and day out throughout the year and demand so much from our bodies and minds. We have high expectations for little investment. During this season of gratitude, take a moment and say thank you. Your body and mind deserve it.

Here’s a simple meditation you can do standing, sitting, or lying down:

Giving Thanks Meditation (1-2 minutes):

  • Gently close your eyes and take a relaxing breath.
  • Say silently or out loud: “Thank you for working so hard. I appreciate all that you do.”
  • Take a deep breath in and repeat.
  • Imagine the words Thank You wrapping around you like a blanket. Notice how you feel.
  • Take a relaxing breath and allow this gratitude to permeate your day.

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