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Winter has officially arrived. With the passing of warmer weather, it sends a shock to our bodies to suddenly have to deal with the cold. Chinese Medicine encourages you to go with the flow with seasons. The foundational text, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine (Huang di NeijIng Suwen), suggests simple ways to take care of your health during the winter to ensure a happier and healthier season:

1. Go to bed early and get up with the sunrise. The sunrise is much later in the winter allowing you more snooze time for your body and mind to fully recuperate from the previous day.

2. Keep even-keeled emotionally. The Yellow Emperor suggests your desires and mental activity “be kept quiet and subdued.” Winter is a time of conservation and storage — a perfect time to take it easy.

3. Stay warm and avoid the cold. Make your temperature regulation a priority. It’s a challenge but don’t be afraid to double up layers and clothes.

4. Avoid sweating. When you sweat and your pores are open, your body is more susceptible to getting sick especially during the winter. Exercise, stretching/yoga, and meditation will help you stay active but keep it low intensity to save energy.

5. Slow down and reflect. Winter offers a great opportunity to reflect upon the last year and restore your strength. Journal, meditate or do yoga to help replenish your self and spirit.

Following these tips will help you stay healthy this winter and ensure a healthier springtime.

Did you know Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can also help you with the transition of seasons? Go here to learn more.

Source: The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine (Huang di NeijIng Suwen)

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