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Why It’s Time to Get Off the Beaten Track(er)

Fit Bits are on the wrists of over 23 million people right now. Every step, heart beat, and sleep cycle is being measured to the nth degree. In my practice, I’m no stranger to fitness trackers because many of my patients wear them. Recently, a colleague of ours told us about a patient who left his fitness tracker in her office after an acupuncture treatment. The patient didn’t realize it until he got home and nearly had a panic attack as a result.

The intention behind this article is not to cause panic attacks, heart attacks, or anxiety of any kind. If this sounds close to home, maybe peruse these tips on how to stress less instead.

For the rest, have you ever wondered whether your fitness tracker is safe? What is the impact on you physiologically, energetically, or emotionally? Like the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man in “Ghostbusters,” it’s bigger than you think.

Perhaps the low-frequency radio signal it uses seems harmless. However, it can negatively influence your body and overall health. Here are 3 reasons you might want to take a holiday from your fitness tracker:

Disconnect from technology to reconnect to your Self

Measuring our health is ingrained into the culture of our healthcare. We don’t think twice about a nurse measuring our height and weight, and taking our blood pressure when we go in for a check up. Yet, fitness trackers take it to a whole new level with participants wearing them 24/7. Getting away from technology can make you more “you savvy.” Instead of measuring your vitals with your tracker, try measuring your day by how you feel physically, mentally, and spiritually. Instead of counting steps, how about counting the number of smiles, hugs, and thank yous you give in a day?

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Less of This


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More of This

Too much electricity & radiation in your life

Smart phones, laptops, microwaves, heating pads - what’s the difference if you add a fitness tracker to the list? Although a fitness tracker’s radio signal is low frequency, it still does not belong. From an acupuncture standpoint, the tracker sits on a sensitive part of your wrist which includes the acupuncture point called Triple Warmer 5. This point is an important one for your internal thermostat. Having it stimulated with electricity and radiation from the tracker nonstop depletes this acupuncture point as well as your body in general. This can cause symptoms like fatigue, hot flashes, insomnia, or anxiety. Not the picture you want to paint especially if you are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Don’t let a machine ruin your day

Once in our clinic, I had a patient who reported he was sleeping fine and had a lot of energy. Then, he checked his Fit Bit and found that he had only slept 4 out of the 7 hours he was in bed. His energy deflated and his spirits sank before my eyes. Ideally, technology is there to make our lives easier and less stressed. After all, gadgets and fitness trackers are simply tools for us to use, not the other way around. Don’t let a gadget or anyone else tell you how you feel.

What happens when you don’t have a fitness tracker to check? Instead, check in with your Self and see what messages your body and mind are sending you. Be okay with today and the here and now.

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Removing your tracker as little as 10 minutes a day helps. If you can, take days off from it. Most people feel a boost in energy, and reduction in stress and anxiety within a few hours of removing their fitness tracker. Remember, do it for you and no one else.

Source: By the Numbers: 37 Amazing Fitbit Statistics (July 2017) expandedramblings.com/index.php/fitbit-statistics/

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