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On a cold winter day, a hot cup of tea can go a long way. Hot tea has been enjoyed for thousands of years for its medicinal properties. Take a look at these teas below that you thought you knew:

Mint. This tea is a western herb as well as a Chinese herb. As a western herb, mint is excellent at helping with digestion. Upset stomach, nausea, food coma—mint has got you covered. As a Chinese herb, it is cooling and calming. If you tend to run on warm
temperature-wise, this tea is for you.

Ginger. This delicious tea is a Chinese herb that warms digestion, alleviates allergies, and relieves cough. Perfect for those who run cold or have a cold abdomen.

Pau d’Arco. This superhero of teas is native to South America. It cuts through fungus and mucus, gets rid of damp, and prevents colds and flus, and increases production of red blood cells.

Pear. This tea is wonderfully moisturizing. It works wonders for dry cough, and dry mouth and throat. It is excellent for those going through menopause or radiation treatments, or those taking medications causing dry mouth.

All of the above teas are available at your local grocers/health food store. To learn more about the benefits of Chinese herbal teas, go here

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