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What to Expect at Your First Acupuncture Visit

Congratulations on your decision to improve your health. We’re excited you’re trying acupuncture to reach your health goals. Here’s what to expect at your first acupuncture treatment.

Nick Arestopoulos interviewing patient at Oak Park Acupuncture CenterYou’re welcomed by your practitioner and asked to fill out new patient paperwork in a treatment room.

We talk about why you are seeking care. We’re all about whole body health so we ask you questions about all of the systems of the body. You’re welcome to ask questions at any time.

We typically spend about 60 minutes talking to you (and about 30 minutes during follow-up treatments).

Then, we ask you to lie down on a massage table and we look at your tongue and palpate your radial pulse. We also examine your face, ears, and abdomen. These exams are used in Chinese medicine to see what is going on in your body.

We design a customized acupuncture treatment for you. We insert the acupuncture needles, lower the lights, and put on relaxing music. You rest with the acupuncture needles for about 20-35 minutes. Many of our patients feel relaxed and peaceful during the treatment. After your treatment, we remove the acupuncture needles and discuss your personalized treatment strategy.

After a treatment, it is common to feel happy and relaxed and also, tired and hungry. We suggest you drink plenty of water and have something to eat.

What can you do to prepare for your first acupuncture visit?

We encourage you to eat a light meal or snack before your appointment and wear or bring with you loose and comfortable clothes that can be rolled up to the knees and elbows.

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