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Stress Relief at Work Program

Imagine a more focused and less stressed workplace

That’s our goal with the Relieve Stress at Work Program.

We work with local businesses and non-profits to inform, educate, and improve health on a large scale.

How It Works

We visit your workplace and provide one free session of ear acupuncture to your coworkers and you on site.

Oak Park Acupuncture Relieve Stress at Work Program at Wednesday Journal/Chicago Parent

Oak Park Acupuncture Relieve Stress at Work Program at Wednesday Journal/Chicago Parent

The Relieve Stress at Work Program is community style, which means it’s done in a group setting in chairs. The only thing you provide are the chairs. We do the rest. It’s that easy.

It’s a perfect opportunity to try acupuncture for the first time or return to it.

Relieve Stress at work palmgren acupuncture oak park

Relieve Stress at Work Program at the Food Pantry


What can acupuncture treat?
Although acupuncture can treat everything, the most common health concerns we treat are pain, insomnia, stress, muscle tension and spasms, and anxiety. Find out what acupuncture treats here.

How long does the program last?
From start to finish, it should take about an hour or so depending on how many people participate.

How long do the treatments last?
Each treatment typically lasts about 20-30 minutes from filling out paperwork to the removal of acupuncture needles. You rest with the very thin, tiny acupuncture needles for about 15-20 minutes. After the treatment, expect to feel relaxed and refreshed.

My workplace recently participated in Palmgren Acupuncture’s Relieve Stress at Work Program. I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to try out acupuncture for the first time, since I have wanted to for a while. Both Lynn and Nick were extremely knowledgeable when answering questions and succeeded in making everyone feel comfortable. I was pleased with the results and I highly recommend the experience!

Alicia Plomlin, Chicago Parent

Is it safe?
Yes. When acupuncture is performed by a licensed acupuncturist, it is very safe. We use pre-sterilized, disposable, one-time-use only acupuncture needles on every patient according to Clean Needle Technique. Used needles are safely disposed of in a sharps container and treated as medical waste. With ear acupuncture, we place acupuncture needles in the outside of the ear.

Will you need to undress for treatment?
No. The treatments are done fully clothed, sitting in chairs.

What do you need to do for set up?
No special set up in the room is required except chairs. We bring all the paperwork and supplies we need, including relaxing music & stereo.

How is this ear acupuncture treatment different from a one-on-one acupuncture treatment?
This program offers a truncated treatment with an abbreviated health interview. Participants typically choose one health concern to address for an ear acupuncture treatment. This differs from a one-on-one private treatment in our office.

Private acupuncture treatments include a comprehensive health evaluation and interview of your medical history. We discuss your health at length and are able to address multiple health concerns at once. To learn more about getting a first time treatment with us, check out What to Expect at Your First Treatment.

How often can you participate in this program?
Every 12 months.

How do you apply for the program?
Contact our office at (773) 915-3683 or palmgrenacu@gmail.com.

Lynn and Nick from Palmgren Acupuncture put us all at ease—most of us were acupuncture newbies—and addressed each of our individual concerns. At the busiest time of the year, this session was a pool of tranquility for us.  We left feeling cared for, relaxed, and able to meet our clients with renewed compassion.

Michele Zurakowski, Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry

Companies Who Have Participated

Oak-Leyden Developmental Services
Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry/Housing Forward
Forest Agency Insurance
Infant Welfare Society
Carnivore Oak Park
Wednesday Journal/Chicago Parent
Brookdale Plaza

Would you like to be next? Fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.

Lynn and Nick treated six of our staff to a relaxing lunch break.  It was the first time for most of us — very therapeutic and resulted in a great night’s sleep!

Beth Burdin, Oak-Leyden Developmental Services

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